IFTTT welcomes Deezer to the family.

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Deezer is the first music streaming service to have joined Silicon Valley’s latest gem IFTTT (If This Then That). For those of you who haven’t the foggiest what IFTTT is, this clever service allows users to create Channels ( or bridges of your prefer) between different web and app services (Dropbox, Gmail, Twitter, Facebook, Philips Hue etc.). Created in 2010, IFTTT now has millions of users worldwide and over 200 Channels available.

IFTTT Recipe: Set your lights to match the album cover colors of your last listened track connects deezer to philips-hue

Creating an interaction between different web services can be used for several reasons: saving time, optimizing web exposure, facilitating web storage or just for fun. These chains have been coined by the service as Recipes; these Recipes of Actions are triggered based on changes to other web services. In the IFTTT language, Triggers are the “This” part of the Recipe and trigger the action. The Action is the “That” part of the Recipe and is the output result that stems from the input of the Trigger, for example: When you add a track on Deezer (trigger), the track is automatically posted to Tumblr (action).


What Recipes can I cook with Deezer as a Trigger?

There are multiple ways to use Deezer as a Trigger or an Action. For instance, if you love a track on Deezer, the cover of said track automatically becomes the background display on your tablet, or can be posted directly to your Tumblr. When you like an album, Deezer automatically allows you to like the artist’s page. You can also tamper with the lights by connecting Deezer to a Philips Hue light bulb; play your favorite song on Deezer and the light changes depending on the color of the track cover. The Recipes are endless and can provide hours of entertainment and above all save time.

IFTTT Recipe: Set device wallpaper to your last favorite album connects deezer to android-device
IFTTT Recipe: Store your listening history in a Google spreadsheet connects deezer to google-drive

But what about some Deezer action?

Deezer is not just a Trigger but can also be the Action resulting from another service Trigger. A good exemple is Twitter: create a playlist from Twitter by tweeting the name of the track and the specific hashtag and Deezer will automatically find the track for you and add it to your playlist, easy as pie.

IFTTT Recipe: Add artist to favorites connects do-note to deezer
IFTTT Recipe: Add track to playlist using a hashtag on Twitter connects twitter to deezer

In the long run IFTTT may even allow us to dialogue with cars and connected household electrical goods, which means that Katy Perry might just be the one to hoover your flat whilst Barry White starts the dishwasher and Adele switches the TV channels… wouldn’t that be grand?

Get started now on the IFTTT Deezer Channel!

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