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We are pleased to announce the introduction of ‘Offline Mode’ for Deezer Premium+ subscribers, thanks to HTML5 technology.


At Deezer, we have always believed that a good music service must be accessible from any computer, without using any software downloads. With the new HTML5 technology, even ‘Offline Mode’ can be accessed via your web browser.

Now, if you are a Deezer Premium+ subscriber, you can download all your favourite albums and playlists to your computer, and access them without being connected to the internet. There is no limitation but your computer’s capacity, download all the tracks you love.

Enjoy all your music anytime, anywhere (plane, tube, bus…) all via your browser. This new feature is a continuation of the service already available on the Deezer mobile application. 

Find out how you can use ‘Offline Mode’ here.

Not a Deezer Premium+ subscriber? Get a free trial with Facebook here.

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I pay £9.99 a month for deezer, does this make me a premium+ customer?

If so, can I use the app on my Iphone 5 on plane mode when travelling?

Many thanks


If you download your music before hand , you can listen to it even when you have no connection

Can I ALWAYS listen to my downloaded playlists offline even if I am not a Premium customer?

Offline access is restricted if you are not a premium customer

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