It’s International Peace Day, let music calm your woes.

While two egomaniac children fight over the future of humanity with their atomic bombs, it’s becoming harder to believe that peace will ever truly exist. Bigotry, prejudism, poverty and poaching are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what’s going very wrong in the world.

World Peace Day GIF

Does this mean we should stop fighting for peace? The answer is no.

Today, over 35 countries have legalized same-sex marriage, the literacy rate is higher than it’s ever been and the giant panda is no longer endangered since 2016. These are small victories indeed, but every step is a step towards a better world. It would be utopic to say Earth will ever be perfect, but we can at least try. We need the International Day of Peace more than ever. It’s not just about finding peace in the world, it’s finding peace within ourselves, facing our own faults and contradictions, broadening our mind and fighting our own fears and prejudices. When we learn to live and let live, cohabitation will become a lot easier. So bring your fevered mind to rest as you contemplate the best and brightest things life has to offer. Nothing says peace better than music.

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