Jean Michel Jarre: Still Amazing

Posted by | October 27, 2015 | arch-MUSIC

You are unlikely to hear his music on Top 40 radio but Jean Michel Jarre is one of the most important artists alive today. His career spans over four decades during which his pioneering work in electronic and ambient music has influenced generations of creators.

Jarre’s ambitious new project, Electronica Pt. 1: The Time Machine, is a series of 16 collaborations with a diverse set of contemporaries including M83, Air, Boys Noize, Little Boots, Massive Attack, Laurie Anderson and Lang Lang.

Deezer Close Up sat with the remarkable artist to discuss the album and the music that has shaped him including Laurie Anderson’s legendary track “O Superman,” Chet Baker’s recording of “My Funny Valentine” and the work of his composer father, Maurice Jarre.

Once you watch Close Up with Jean Michel Jarre be sure to listen to the first incredible installment of Jarre’s Electronica project on Deezer!

Listen Here:


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I’m sorry but I don’t share His passion for the track
O Superman by Laurie Anderson.
Sorry, Jean Michel.

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