Let Deezer rock you to sleep ⚡🌙

Posted by Zeina | December 23, 2020 | arch-Uncategorized, Music, New

The other night, I came home after a nice little dinner with friends and just wanted to listen to music and lay in my bed. The next thing you know, I wake up the next morning (or did not wake up on time at least) with no battery, my earphones in my ears and feeling a little lost. It was noon, and I had missed all my mornings’ meetings because my phone alarm did not go off.

I’m sure you’re wondering, what happened? It’s simple: I had turned on my Deezer, and had fallen asleep like a baby while listening to my favorite classical music playlist… Believe me, I had a hard time explaining this to my team who made fun of me for almost a week ! 

Have you ever experienced this? That feeling in the morning? I wish at that time Deezer had a magical feature that would allow me to listen to my music, my podcasts or even my audiobooks without having to worry about it playing all night long until my phone would die out of battery. 

Thankfully, the product teams had thought about all the people like me and have finally introduced this nice little feature: the Sleep timer. Accessible straight from the Player, in one click, you can choose for how long you want to leave the music on, or even if you want to wait until the end of a podcast episode or a track. When the time is up, the player will stop automatically, no need to worry about a thing.

No more fuzzy mornings, no more missed meetings. Use Sleep timer.

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