Listen to Christmas music on Deezer

Christmas is here with our dedicated festive Channel.

We’ve put everything you love about Christmas into one single Channel so you can get your festive fix in one click. Our Editorial elves have teamed up to bring you the finest Christmas playlists and albums so you can get in the Christmas spirit. Ready? The magic is happening here.

Do Christmas your way

While some may prefer a traditional ‘Away in a Manger’ to survive the food coma, we know some of you love watching granny ‘Rockin around The Christmas Tree’ to Phil Spektor’s fabulous A Christmas Gift For You.


Playlists in every music genre

And then there are those of you who relish in the more unconventional hip hop xmas carols with Afroman’s Deck My Balls. Finally, for those of you who want to avoid a family feud there’s the crooners, a sound investment (no pun intended) that almost everyone can agree upon. Our Jazz Editor Yannick will gladly back us up on this, as Christmas is the perfect occasion for his playlists to shine bright like a diamond.

So whether you’re twerkin’ around the Christmas tree, banished to the kitchen on turkey duty, having a party in your armchair or simply enjoying your loved ones, head to Deezer and fire up your Xmas spirit.

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