Love is in the Mixtape this Valentine’s Day

Posted by | February 12, 2015 | arch-WHAT'S NEW

It’s true. Back in the 80’s, making mixtapes for friends or lovers (or for whoever we were trying to impress at that time) used to take forever. First you had to pick the right song, then be at the radio at the right time to record it, and THEN you had to hand deliver it. Physical content is a tricky business. Mixtapes took time and energy to create…people cared about them, they meant something. If only we could bring that mixtape magic back somehow…

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This Valentine’s Day we’re doing just that – bringing mixtape back but this time in digital form. Deezer has brought sending that special someone a mixtape into the 21st century and created a new app in the Deezer studio – so you too can tell that special someone how much you care.

First the app transports you into a 80s/90s teenagers’ bedroom where you can click around to reveal toys and tapes that remind you of those days you were a tiny bit younger. Then you’re prompted to select the a Deezer playlist you’ve made from the drop down menu and type in the email address to the person you’re sending it to. Simple. The lucky lad or lady will then be delivered an email disguised as a cassette where they’re encouraged to go to the mixtape app to play it in an old school stereo. Oh, so nostalgic and so lovely.

It’s just very cute, you’re basically guaranteed to WOW your love interest (OK, it’s not guaranteed, your song choices have a lot to answer for). Anyway, take a look for yourself here:

To help you get started, we’ve created two playlists – one for those who love love, and other for those who don’t:

This Valentine’s Day, say it with a digital mixtape and set your gesture apart from the rest. This is the gift to your loved ones, or new crush (!)that keeps on giving.

Shareable via email and social media, the app is open to everyone – free and Premium+ users – so start spreading the love today.

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