Create Unlikely Celebrity Couples With Love Roulette

Posted by | February 12, 2016 | arch-MUSIC, arch-WHAT'S NEW

“Love, love is strange… Lot of people take it for a game” sang Mickey & Sylvia. Well here at Deezer that’s just what it is. Because Valentine’s Day is not just about overpriced restaurants, roses, gifts, and lovesick stares… we’ve decided to add a bit of fun and mischief. Introducing Love Roulette, the game that allows you to create your own celebrity matches made in heaven… or hell. While the cinema may have their Brangelina and other irritating power couples, our Love Roulette finds the best… or worst matches the showbiz has to offer (the Kimye’s don’t count).

Give the Love Roulette a spin!

How about a Lemmy Kravitz date,


a Daft Pink  trip to Venice,


or a Miley Grande candlelit dinner?


 Whether you believe that opposites attract or that lovers should be cut from the same cloth, become a celebrity cupid and create your perfect celebrity match to get your personalized celebrity couple playlist. Plus you can share your Love Roulette couple for the chance to win 1 year of unlimited music for you and your significant other. If you happen to be significant other-less you can also give unlimited music to your best bud and ‘single lady’ the hell out of Valentine’s Day in your sweatpants around your living room.

Give the Love Roulette a spin!


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I like the Miley grandé

Usually read the termination days in your deals.

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