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Did your parents play you their music when you were growing up? Do you think they had an influence on your current music choices? Do you want to make sure YOUR kids have a good taste in music?

We quizzed 10,000 parents across the world to find out! Whether your dad is a rock fan or your mum’s into jazz, we wanted to know if it’s possible for parents to successfully shape their children’s future music taste.

The results are in…and if you’re keen to mold your kids’ tastes you must expose them to a variety of tunes and genres before they’re 10 years old. But dads be warned, you’re statistically less likely to get your kids to love your tunes. Our poll found mums have a better success rate (41%) compared to just 25% of dads!

We also wanted to go deeper into the potential benefits for children from early music exposure. So we asked Dr. Hauke Egermann from the Department of Music at the University of York to review recent global academic writing on the subject.

He told us: “Children have an ‘openness’ to new music, and this means parents have an important role to play in developing the music tastes of their kids. By playing children a variety of genres before this critical period, research suggests they will enjoy lots of different types of music as adults.”

Dr Egermann’s report goes into much more depth, of course, and you can find it here.

And if you want to make sure your kids are exposed to some of the best music there is but don’t know where to start, try our Childhood Tunes playlist, a mix of genres and tracks specially designed by our team of professional Music Editors!

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