New: Deezer evolves for more music discovery


As you already know, on 10th October Deezer unveiled a new look. This new and improved version of the site puts your music and music for you in the spotlight. It’s a unique experience with more recommendations and new discoveries! Check out the new site.

Now when you log in, your new homepage will be controlled from the left side (instead of the top) of the page and split into 2 sections: ‘Discovery’ and ‘Library’.


In this section you can find music selections made by our Deezer editorial team.


Every Friday or Monday (dependent on which country you are based), the Visio highlights great new music. This section features new releases which just can’t be missed and have to be discovered as soon as released!


Every week you can discover music recommendations made across 12 genres: Pop, Indie/Alternative, Rock, Dance/Electro, R&B/Soul, Country/Folk, Hip Hop, Metal/Hard Rock, World, Reggae, Jazz/Blues, Soundtracks/Misc.


New: ‘Featured playlists’


You can now listen to the best playlists created by other users, selected by the Deezer editorial team.

New: ‘Recommend one of your playlists’

Deezer’s new interface allows you to submit one of your playlists to be featured. Just click the icon on the right.


Then select the playlist of your choice. It will be sent to the Deezer editorial team and be considered for a featured spot on the homepage! Your playlist must have between 20-30 tracks and feature at least 10 artists.


‘Featured radio channels’

Discover this week’s recommended artist-based, themed and partner radio channels.



Get the latest news from Deezer, our partners and win tickets to the best music events.


View all Deezer’s recommended events by clicking the icon on the right. 




On this page you can discover several recommendations adapted to your music preferences — a page tailored to your taste in music!

New: ‘Playlists you may like’


You can now find a selection of playlists, which have been created by other users and are recommended to you based on your music tastes.

‘New releases from artists you like’

Keep up-to-date with new music from your favourite artists.


If you don’t have any favourite artists – add some! Just search for artists using the search bar, find their page and add it to your favourites.


Your friends can help as well! 

Once you have finished building your music profile, see what your friends recommend and their top tracks.


New: Never miss any of your favourite artists’ gigs!

When it comes to gigs, don’t leave anything to chance. Here you can find a list of upcoming concerts from your favourite artists. You can also link your Deezer account to LastFm to receive more suggestions of music you should listen to.




On this page, you can look through a mosaic of album covers and artists, and access the top tracks, albums and artists in one click. As before, these charts can be viewed across the 12 genres on Deezer.


In the menu on the left you can find a section called ‘Library’. This is where all of your music that you have saved or favourited on Deezer is stored.


In ‘My library’ you can find all of your music on Deezer arranged by tracks, playlists, favourite albums, favourite artists and favourite radio channels.


Below this menu you can access ‘My MP3s’, ‘Create a playlist’ and listen to your favourites in one click.



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