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Psychedelic pop quartet Cloud Control stopped by recently to record an exclusive stripped-back Deezer Session, so we fired a few questions at them to find out what influences them, and why they channelled Roy Orbison on their latest album Dream Cave.

Where are you right now and what have you been up to today?
We are all in Australia for the Laneway Festival at the moment; sweet line up, sunshine, big shows, enough said!

Your second album Dream Cave sounds more experimental than your debut – did you feel more open to new ideas and influences during the writing and recording?
Yeah we tried to not really think about what kind of an album we should or shouldn’t make, but go where the songs each took us. I guess we had more time to experiment too, not only with production but with the arrangements too.

You’ve said that “life influences you” – how have your lives changed since the first album?
I guess that’s a cheap way of saying everything influences us and that we are OK with and conscious of that. We are a bit older now, we’ve done so much travelling, listening and playing that I guess it creates a melting pot of influence. Life has changed in a lot of ways, but we all still enjoy playing together which unites us.

You have described the title track as a song that “Roy Orbison would write if he was trapped in a cave.” Do you often use these kinds of imaginary scenarios to help you write?
This is something Al found helpful for this song. It’s a headspace thing, putting yourself in someone else’s shoes and trying to imagine their point of view and feelings. I don’t think he does it too often though, I can’t recall another song actually.

You stripped your songs back to basics for your Deezer Session – do you enjoy being able to show your songs in a new light?
It is a good thing to do, to strip a song bare to just chords and melody. It is something we often do in the writing process so it is nice to let people peep through that window.

The dust has hardly settled on Dream Cave, but have you started thinking about what’s next?
We are touring constantly at the moment. A couple of us have moved cities. There is always talk of working on other musical interests. There are plans to write more Cloud Control material. Basically, we are figuring that out.

And finally, can you recommend us some new music that you’re enjoying at the moment?
We just finished a USA tour with an LA band called Body Parts supporting, check them out.

Watch Cloud Control’s Deezer Session here, and listen to the exclusive Deezer Session EP below.

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