Not Into The Football And Olympics Frenzy? Here Are Your Anthems

Posted by thetje | June 14, 2016 | arch-MUSIC

It’s summer, and this year sports fans have two reasons to celebrate – the European Championship and the Olympic Games in Brazil. But what about those of you who despise, loathe, abhor anything remotely like flexing an ab? Are you to be deprived of your basic entertainment rights while the whole world prances around your favorite bars in football shirts? Heck no. Deezer has you covered.

Six Weeks Of Football Frenzy? Thanks But No Thanks.

People wrapped in flags celebrating in the streets, drunk supporters hugging each other (except in Marseille) and countless other football shenanigans, it’s all here. Get used to the fact that your friends are too busy cooped up in stuffy living rooms, glued to plasma screens and chugging down beer to make any time for you. Radio stations are milking official anthems dry. Even the TV has abandoned you; if football isn’t your thing, your only option is to watch ‘How I Met Your Mother’ reruns on some obscure cable channel.  


So if you’re considering a temporary coma to avoid the collective hype during those 6 very long weeks, we’ve got some preventative therapy for all you footie-phobics and Olympic outcasts out there.

Music For Thy Anti-Football Ears

If David Guetta’s official anthem is getting a bit too much for your eardrums to handle, you’re sick of “We Are The Champions”, and you ‘whe-never wherever’ liked Shakira, you can  breathe a sigh of relief. We’ve asked our Editors from around the globe to pick their alternative summer tunes. Sit back and enjoy your music far far away from the Euro Cup, the Olympic Games and anything resembling a vuvuzela.

Listen to the playlist here: 


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