Ones to Watch in 2014

What a year! 2013 has seen Deezer launch new features to help with music discovery, and we’ve gained dedicated new fans around the world as we continue to grow. We’re driven by the desire to make music more accessible than ever before, and thanks to our global team of Editors, we are able to be a platform for emerging artists who may have small beginnings, but who find a global audience on Deezer. As an end of year treat, our Editors have put together a playlist of the artists they think you should be listening to in 2014.



Here’s what the Editors have to say about some of their picks:

You Don’t Know How by Courage My Love: “Such amazing songwriting for such a young band. An addictive combination of ridiculously catchy vocals and crunchy guitars” – Gregg Henderson, Deezer Editor Canada.

Demon by Kandle: “This talented and charming 23 year old will be releasing an album in February 2014. It’s bound to quickly reach beyond Canadian borders” – Pauline Mahé, Editorial team, Deezer Canada.

Bullets by Tinavie: “Popular for a long time in Russia, this Moscow-based Indie-Pop band re-worked their sound completely in 2013 and they deserve international acknowledgment in 2014” – Mikhaïl Irzak, Deezer Editor Russia.

Half of a Century by The Delphines: “Hailing from the U.S. mid-west and providing some hard-hitting lyrics, The Delphines have given us a taste of what they can do through a couple of EPs that anticipate a bright future for these four youngsters” – Carlos Ardila, Deezer Editor South America.

Darkest Place by Woman’s Hour: “We’ve fallen in love with the beautiful, moody, and smart music coming from Woman’s Hour this year. The rest of the world will surely follow in 2014” – James Foley, Deezer Editor UK & Ireland.

Happy New Year from everyone at Deezer!

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