Pixies take over Deezer as guest editors

Posted by | May 7, 2014 | arch-MUSIC

Pixies Live in Boston, 1-18-14

We’re handing the editorial reins over to the Pixies this week, with their very own Deezer takeover. Hear curated playlists and dig deep into their musical inspirations with their favourite albums and tracks on the Deezer By app.

If you missed the Pixies at Coachella this year, no worries. Enjoy their Coachella set list with our exclusive playlist.



And to help you feel as if you’re really there, here’s an exclusive playlist of tracks played before Pixies gigs.



Love the song Greens and Blues… or just have a particular fondness for aquatic colours? Hear a special playlist from the Pixies featuring their favourite tracks with green or blue in the title.


Head over to Deezer By for more, including Pixies videos, their 10 favourite albums (from Hendrix to Neu!), and their favourite track of the moment.

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