Post-holiday recovery

Posted by Chia | January 6, 2021 | HOME, Music, New

There’s nothing like the holidays: spending two weeks surrounded by your nearest and dearest, getting caught up on all the family gossip, listening to the children tell you all about their teddy bear’s adventures. It’s always such a relief to take a break from the real world and regroup with the people you love. But also: if we’re anything alike, you probably “woke up” late or took an extra-long shower. They’re great, but being suddenly thrown into close quarters with family can be overwhelming, even if you were the one that did the throwing. Or maybe you still live at home, but something about the holidays makes a space feel suddenly very tight. (We just need breathing space, okay?)

Fighting for privacy, sometimes.

We get it. In Deezer’s quest to bring real life to your phone, these are some reasons why the Deezer Family plan works:

  1. Protect your privacy. Sharing a kitchen is already challenging. Do you have one password for literally all your online accounts (no judgment) and don’t want your family knowing what you bought online last week? Give your family their own login credentials. You probably don’t want their music mixing with yours also anyway.
  2. On that note: Groove to your own Flow. It’s perfectly fine when you share the exact same musical preferences as people in your family, but what if… you don’t? Your favorite track playlist is gonna look super weird, early 90s classic rock tracks mixed with nursery rhymes. Protect your Flow!
  3. Make your own schedule. Sharing a home means scheduling around everyone: meal times, watching TV, even use of the bathroom. A Deezer Family plan means that you can listen to music whenever you want, even if other people on the plan are doing the same thing. Going on a run while dinner preparations are ongoing? Listen to your hype playlist while jazz plays at home, no big deal.
  4. Give kids their own training wheels. Have kids on a strict media diet? The Deezer Family plan lets you give the kids their own logins while still blocking access to sensitive content. Kid accounts have their own collection of child-friendly music and podcasts, and kids get to learn how to manage their own accounts with little risk. (Protip: this is also a good way to annoy a sibling who listens to nothing but explicit rap music.) 

If you’re already on Family or are considering shifting to a Deezer Family plan, you can find out how to get your accounts that much-needed separation on the Deezer website.

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