Power of change is in your hand

And here we are! March 8th is finally here, so I’m happy to wish you all a happy International Women’s Day! 

If you read my last article, you know that I do believe it shouldn’t be just a day obviously. Though, I still feel sort of thrilled,  seeing purple and women celebrated everywhere today. And most of all, seeing less “polish extra discount for women” and way more inspiring podcasts pushed, testimonies, victories of the year amongst societal debates of representation of women.

No, we don’t want roses, we want equality and fair representation. We want to know where we stand, we want to educate people on their responsibilities to make the numbers change. 

So, as you might have already noticed, deezer – is not offering one month for all our women users or pink-only mobile app – has revealed today Women’s Voices, our exclusive in-app experience, featuring trivia and facts, about women leading the way, their under representation in the music industry, and celebrating emblematic anthems! 

In our new Story, you’ll find 3 chapters: 

  • Facts about where women stand today in the charts
  • Quick history lesson, celebrating women and showing the diversity they represent!
  • Playlists & podcasts from our dedicated channel, to help you make a change!

Wondering where to find it ? Just open your deezer mobile app, and tap on “Women’s Voices” at the top of your homepage. And if your phone is hidden at the bottom of your bag, lucky you, here is a sneak peek of the experience ! 

And if you remember well, I’ve also mentioned a dedicated collection… Well, here you are! Find out hundreds of amazing women who are shining in their musical genres (from the astonish jazz women to the ones who show that the rap game is definitely not a boys only club). But also, discover dedicated playlists made of tracks from women behind the music ( women’s songwriters, producers and sound engineers). Don’t know about Esther Dean? Well, I bet you’ve heard without knowing numerosos hits she wrote (maybe Drake, Usher and Nicky Minaj rings a bell to you? 😉 )

And of course our amazing editors have other surprises, they’ve picked hundreds of podcasts to inspire and make the change happen; playlists curated by Dua Lipa, Jorja Smith, Victoria Monét.. 

So now, let’s make the change happen, together! Streaming is more than key nowadays, taken into account in the words-best-known awards as BBMAs. It’s our turn to make those talented women finally get the cultural reputation they deserve. How? You do have more power than you think, and this can be sum-up in two words : share & stream. Share the talent of those powerful women with your friends, family and colleagues. Share everything you’ve learnt about all those women. Stream all those emerging artists that deserve to be equally present on our top charts! Stream women,  and of course, don’t forget to run to their concerts as soon as we’ll be able…

 So, which day will be your dedicated day for streaming women-only artists?

Let’s raise women’s voices. Together.

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