Presenting… BIG Beatz Headphones by Deezer

Posted by | April 1, 2014 | arch-WHAT'S NEW


Deezer is proud to announce that it is entering the headphone market with its own range of unique Deezer over-ear headphones; BIG Beatz by Deezer. With BIG Beatz, Deezer is committed to bringing music lovers the best possible listening experience.

Using innovative proportion enhancing technology, BIG Beatz give listeners a never-before-heard music listening experience, allowing them for the first time to listen to music without any outside ‘noise pollution’ at up to 200db.

Said Daisy Faro-Poll, SVP Aural Enhancement Technologies: “For too long, music enthusiasts have been unable to walk past several on-call emergency vehicles or directly beneath a low-flying squadron of military jet planes without having their music compromised. Why should audio lovers miss out on a second of their favourite music because of exterior noise? Don’t just put up with noise pollution – become the noise pollution!”


As well as the pioneering volume benefits that come with having headphones the size of a desk and the weight of a small horse, Deezer believes sound connoisseurs should be able to express themselves with their choice of headphones, just as they would a pair of trainers or hair style.

“We all communicate through fashion, whether we mean to or not. The choices a music aficionado makes when it comes to headphones says a lot about who they are. If you want to make a BIG fashion statement, then BIG Beatz are definitely the headphones for you.”


BIG Beatz by Deezer will retail at around £300. Please note: BIG Beatz may not be suitable for use in residential areas. 

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