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Posted by Deezer PR | September 11, 2020 | Global, Product, UK, Uncategorized

Deezer debuts audiobook channel in the Netherlands.

What do Stephen Hawking, Michelle Obama and Wouter Laumans all have in common? They’re all waiting for you to listen to their stories. So give your eyes and hands a much-needed break and listen up. Global music streaming service Deezer is introducing a dedicated audiobook channel for all its users in the Netherlands today. 

For the first time, bibliophiles will be able to browse through more than 12 book categories, including a dedicated section for English audiobooks. You can find beloved classics, fiction, non-fiction, science fiction, personal development, religion & spirituality, poetry, kids content and more. Our local editors will regularly update each category. 

Our audiobook fans will also have access to editorial picks. Here you’ll find a mix across all genres and categories, specially handpicked by our editors. Once you’ve found your audiobook of choice, you can add to your favorites. Premium subscribers can also download any audiobook of their choice and listen without using data. 

Let your friends and family know about the new audiobook that’s keeping you in a happy DND mode. Select a chapter and use our social sharing feature and they’ll receive a direct link to listen. Our audiobook channel can be found within our Shows tabs. 

“Audiobooks are becoming increasingly popular in the Netherlands and the overall publishing market share is expected to increase to 5% by next year.* So it’s not surprising that our users want to listen to music one minute and then switch to a podcast or an audiobook the next. Now with our new audiobook channel, our users have the flexibility to stay within the app and listen to it all. The best part is our channel is available to all paying and non-paying Deezer subscribers in the Netherlands,” said Robin Wilms, Head of Content Europe, Africa and Asia at Deezer. 

Don’t forget that Deezer users in the Netherlands also have access to over 56 million music tracks from around the world, as well as the best local and global podcasts.

For more information, visit us at www.deezer.com.

Note: *Aldus “Are audiobooks transforming the publishing landscape?” April 15, 2020

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