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Deezer UCPS Website
  • Company reveals new website to champion a user-centric payment system
  • Premium subscribers can use tool to see how their subscription payments would support the artists they love
Deezer UCPS Website

11 September 2019: Deezer, the global music streaming service, has launched a new online initiative to help music fans understand how a user-centric system for music payments would make the industry fairer for artists all over the world.

The initiative is centered around a new website that explains the benefits of a fairer user-centric approach to distributing streaming royalties, compared to the market share-based way the industry is using today.

Deezer is encouraging music fans to explore the site, learn how a user-centric payment system (‘UCPS’) benefits artists and genres and help by spreading awareness of UCPS on social media through the use of the #MakeStreamingFair hashtag.

Premium subscribers can also use a tool on the website to see and share exactly how much of their subscription revenues today go to artists they listen to, as well as how they would be supporting their favorite artists if UCPS was in place.

Alexander Holland, Chief Content and Strategy Officer at Deezer commented: “Streaming has been the main innovation driver in the music industry for many years now. Digital technologies and data make it easier than ever to make sure that all artists and content creations have a fair playing field. A user-centric approach is the next logical step and would mean that fans directly support the acts they love. Getting rid of bot fraud is a welcome added bonus and would make sure that your subscription money goes where it’s supposed to – the acts you love.”

Deezer’s UCPS website is available from today and can be found here

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