Deezer ‘Shows’ up in 51 more countries

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Fans all over Europe and South America can now access local and global podcasts with our Shows tab

Over 30% of people have streamed podcasts within the last month.* Millions of people around the world are discovering how addictive podcasts can be. 70% of global podcast listeners actively discover new shows every week**.  We want to open the wonderful world of podcasts to more listeners than ever before. So we’re expanding our ‘Shows’ tab to listeners in 32 additional European and 19 Latin American territories. 

The ‘Shows’ tab is Deezer’s unique way to help listeners discover and keep track of their podcasts. You’ll find the tab next to your ‘Music’ in the Deezer app. Here you’ll see your latest personal recommendations, today’s hottest podcasts, collections and more. Listen to the latest episodes from your favorite shows and browse 15 podcast categories and sub-genres, covering themes like music, self-help, cooking, history, business news and talk shows.  Or if you’re short on time, just pick a podcast by duration. That way you can make sure to always finish listening to what you’ve started. 

“Our data shows that listeners who have access to the Shows tab discover and listen to more podcasts. They’re also more engaged with the platform overall. Opening up the Shows tab across Europe and South America makes sure that more people than ever have access to a powerful and simple way to enjoy podcasts. It’s designed from the ground up to make your experience as seamless and personal as possible. And the more you use it, the better Deezer becomes at offering you new shows you’ll enjoy,” said Frédéric Antelme, Deezer’s VP of Content.

Discovering new podcasts and keeping track of your current favorites has never been simpler. Just click the ‘Shows’ tab in the Deezer app or visit to start listening.


* Reuters Institute Digital News Report 2020 (link to PDF)

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[…] Deezer ‘aparece’ en 51 países más. Por la intención de querer abrir el mundo de los podcasts a más oyentes que nunca, Deezer ha ampliado la pestaña ‘Programas’ para que los fanáticos de toda Europa y América del Sur ahora pueden acceder a podcasts locales y globales de la plataforma, según informan en su blog. […]

[…] still have to be included in server requests. As a result, there’s usually a time delay between new podcast episodes being released and appearing on the […]

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