Get in Touch with your Feelings with Flow Moods

Posted by Isobel Hambleton | October 6, 2021 | GB, Global, Product, UK, US
Flow Moods

New Emotional Jukebox matches your music to your mood 

Flow Moods

Here’s some mood for thought. Did you know that humans usually experience one or several emotions 90% of the time in our everyday lives?* Whether you need a mood boost or want to take it down a notch – global music streaming service Deezer can now match your music to your emotions. 

Our signature feature Flow, an infinite mix of your favorite tracks and new recommendations now includes a brand new smart Flow Moods wheel.** We’re the only streaming service that lets fans use Flow Moods as an emotional jukebox to play only mood based music. Taking personalization to the next level, each “mood” in our Flow Moods is uniquely matched to your taste and listening preferences. 

Similar to our normal Flow, our new Flow Moods uses data, smart algorithms and suggestions from our editors around the world to create the right mood mix for you. It’ll include artists you love as well as new tracks to help you discover new music. Flow moods are updated constantly, so you don’t have to worry about hearing the same recommendations over and over again. 

Our six Flow Moods include:

  • You & Me – Feeling a little frisky? Let us set the mood for romance with feel-good tracks that you and your partner will love. 
  • Motivation – Need a little nudge? Make workouts a joyful experience with a power mix to keep you moving. 
  • Chill – Time to kick back? Relax with your favorite artists that help you unwind and let go.
  • Melancholy – We all get the blues now and then. If you’re in the mood for a good cry or want to wallow in sorrow – let it all out here.  
  • Focus – No distractions, please! Let us help you stay in your zone with the right kind of music to help you achieve your goal. 
  • Party – Whether it’s a party of one or party of more – get in the spirit with an endless mix of crowd-pleasing music to get you dancing. 

“Our Flow already offers music fans a unique and truly personalized music journey. We’re now taking our recommended music to the next level. Thanks to Flow Moods, we’re making sure that our listeners can have an emotionally connected experience that’s relevant to their daily moods and feelings,” said Deezer’s Chief Product & Technology officer Matthieu Gorvan.

When you’re ready, start by hitting Flow. As soon as your music  starts playing, you’ll be able to see the Flow Moods rainbow wheel icon above the cover art. Tap it and select the musical mood that’s right for you. 

Flow Moods is available worldwide for all users on iOS and Android devices.*** 



*Emotions in Everyday Life – Dec. 2015

**Flow Moods wheel is rolling out and will be available to 100% of our users by October 8th, 2021.

***Flow and Flow Moods provide personal recommendations only after a user has liked at least 16 tracks and/or artists. To access Flow Moods, users must have the latest version of Deezer app and min. Android 4.4 or iOS 12.x.

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