Rock n’ Road with Deezer Music Now Available on MirrorLink

Posted by | June 1, 2016 | Deezer


Never miss a beat! Drive and Flow to your favourite tunes, mixes and playlists

London, June 1st, 2016: Deezer, the leading global on-demand audio service is changing the way we think about cruise control by giving even more automotive drivers smooth access to their favourite jams with a new car compatibility through MirrorLink. Now, Android users who don’t use Android Auto can still easily connect their smartphones to their cars and immediately access Flow and the world’s largest music catalogue directly from their dashboard.

Deezer for MirrorLink can easily be found when you download the RockScout app, which acts as an instant portal to any MirrorLink supported smartphone and car models – giving more music loving commuters a reason to stay in their cars just a little bit longer to hear their favourite tracks.

  • Flow – The most intuitive and personal music recommendation that knows exactly what you want to hear based on your data and listening habits
  • Mixes – Listen to one of the largest categories and genres to find the right mix for you to suit just about any mood
  • Playlists & Albums – Never lose any of your personal favourites and rock out to your own saved playlists and albums in offline mode.

“I may get a ticket for speeding, but the bigger crime I may commit is singing off-key having a little too much fun with my Deezer Flow via MirrorLink,” said Alexander Holland, Chief Content and Product Officer, Deezer. 

Deezer on MirrorLink is available for all Premium+ listeners for all participating Android devices and autos that are compatible with MirrorLink.

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