Set the Flow Mood Wheel to ‘Christmas’ and get into the holiday spirit with Deezer

Posted by Jennefer Meléndez | December 6, 2021 | GB, Global, Music, Product, UK

The holiday season is finally upon us! Music fans are getting ready to sing along to their favourite Christmas tunes. Deezer is here to help you get into the  festive spirit, so we’ve added a brand new seasonal ‘Christmas’ mood to the Flow Wheel. All you have to do to get an endless stream of holiday-themed tunes that are tailored to your unique taste, is bring up the Flow Moods wheel, select “Christmas” and enjoy*. 

To find the Christmas mood, first select ‘Flow’ in the Deezer app. Then simply tap the Flow Moods rainbow wheel icon above the cover art to bring up the seven different mood options, pick “Christmas” and let us do the rest. Oh, and there’s snow. To help you dream of a white Christmas, Deezer has made sure that the snow is falling in your player as long as the Christmas Flow mood is on**. 

“We know that music helps our listeners make the holidays feel special. But it’s easy to get stuck listening to the same Christmas album over and over again. Our new Christmas Flow mood lets users enjoy an endless and varied stream of holiday tunes that is in sync with their personal taste. It’s one of the ways we wish Happy Holidays to all of our listeners and thank them for their continued support,” said Deezer’s Head of Product, Alexandra Leloup. 

In addition to the new Christmas mood, Deezer’s Flow Mood Wheel offers listeners six different options to tailor their personal stream of music to their mood: 

  • You & Me – Helps to set the mood for romance with feel-good tracks that you and your partner will love
  • Motivation – Make workouts a joyful experience with a power mix to keep you pumped
  • Chill – Let your favorite artists help you unwind and relax
  • Melancholy – If you’re in the mood for a good cry or are feeling blue, these tunes will help you get through it 
  • Focus – Let us help you stay in your zone and avoid distractions with the right kind of music to help you concentrate
  • Party – Get in the spirit with an endless mix of crowd-pleasing music to get you dancing. 

If you prefer the comfort of an expertly curated musical Christmas, have no fear! Deezer’s editors have made you a channel with the best tunes for the upcoming Holidays. Here you’ll find everything from playlists made by artists like Michael Bublé, Mariah Carey, Sam Smith and Leona Lewis, and a curated selection of podcasts and albums. The Christmas Channel is available now for all Deezer users. And don’t forget, it’s easier than ever to sing along to your favourite snowy tunes thanks to Deezer’s synchronised lyrics feature in the app!

* The Deezer Christmas Flow Mood is available to all Deezer users on iOS from 6 December. We will roll-out the feature to Android users between 13 and 20 December. IOS users need version 9.1.0 of the Deezer app to enjoy this feature, while Android users will need version 6.2.42.

**The snow effect will only be available for users on the Deezer app version 9.2, starting this Friday, December 10.

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