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Posted by Isobel Hambleton | October 27, 2021 | Global, Music, Partnerships, Product
Tune My Music

New feature lets music fans transfer music to Deezer

Joining a new music service doesn’t mean you have to start your library from scratch. Now, anyone switching to Deezer doesn’t have to worry about losing their entire music collection. Introducing ‘Transfer your favorites,’ an-in app feature from Tune my Music that lets new or existing Deezer users effortlessly transfer their music library from another streaming service.* 

‘Transfer your favorites’ is fully integrated into the Deezer app, so there’s no need to leave Deezer to move your library over. You can easily import your entire library using Tune My Music on the Web or on your mobile device. 

Once you’ve selected the tracks and playlists you want to transfer, we’ll be able to match them to Flow, your personal soundtrack that plays all your favorites. Normally, you’d need to like at least 16 tracks to really get your Flow started. Once you use ‘Transfer your favorites,’ we speed up the process so that you can get straight to your music. 

New or existing users need to sign in and then head to the Settings tab. Mobile users will then be able to select ‘Transfer your favorites.’ Web users will find this feature by going to their account settings. Here, they’ll be able to select ‘Transfer your favorites,’ followed by ‘Select a service.’ When you’re ready, tap on a service and your whole music collection will be integrated into Deezer within minutes. 

“One of the most popular requests we get from our community is the ability to easily transfer your existing library to Deezer. We don’t want our users to lose their favorite tracks and the playlists that they’ve built over time. Thanks to the new  ‘Transfer your favorites feature in the app’ we can make life easy for our users. Now it’s time for all of our listeners to finally get all their tunes in one place,” said Deezer’s Head of Product, Alexandra Leloup. 

Deezer’s ‘Transfer your favorites’ feature is now available worldwide for all users on all devices, including iOS, Android and the web.


* Tune My Music is compatible with the following services: Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube, Youtube music, Tidal, Amazon Music, SoundCloud, iTunes, Qobuz, Moodagent, Napster, Beatport, Beatsource, KKbox, Lastfm and Soundmachine. 

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