Raising Deezer Women’s Voices

Posted by Nayomi | March 18, 2021 | arch-Uncategorized, HOME, LIFESTYLE, New

Wow, I am so hooked on Deezer playlists these days, listening to Women’s Voices and learning stories about Women behind Music. No doubt you are too ! 

I cannot hide how proud I feel to be working at Deezer, a streaming platform that has more to it than just music, reminding us every day that we can listen with a purpose, build a fairer music industry and amplify under-represented voices. 

A sense of purpose has definitely always been a clear driver for me at work and I could not be more proud that at Deezer we are making consistent steps to amplify women’s voices internally as well.


Yes, surprisingly enough, more than a hundred years after International Women’s Day was created, the world still needs to advocate for gender equality and research shows that total gender parity will not be reached before …. another hundred years !! 

3 women out of 4 experience bias at work, women are way under-represented in emerging jobs like engineering (15%) and women still face a glass ceiling towards more senior leadership positions… You get it.


So no time to lose ! We’re on a mission at Deezer to build a more diverse and inclusive workplace fostering gender equality and we are making progress :  

50% of our new hires globally in 2020 were women.

Our gender equality index in France is at 89 for 2020, +6pts vs 2019.

Deezer signed the Tech for Good Call, an initiative launched by the French President discussing commitments for environment and societal impact such as reaching 30% of women in tech roles by 2030. 


We are still far from parity for women in tech or senior leadership functions and our female colleagues at Deezer also voice up their challenges. So we are working on 3 fronts : 

Inclusive workplace : “fight bias campaign” to raise awareness on microaggressions that women too often dismiss but impact self-confidence and create limitations ; trainings for managers ; fostering men allyship 

Women in tech : we engaged in a partnership with ADA tech school to promote tech jobs to female students, we will organize focus groups and invite external speakers to brainstorm on recruiting diverse teams 

Women In leadership : we are launching our internal mentoring program RISE by women for women to support their development

From being heard to being listened to, women’s voices now need to be raised, called, expected.

And Deezer is on it, pump up the volume !!!

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