Ireland is awesome and here’s why!

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Saint Patrick's Day

It’s Saint Patrick’s Day, it’s time to celebrate everything Ireland has to offer. If you’re not Irish or of Irish descent, nevermind, it’s a great excuse to celebrate, drink and (try to) be as awesome as the people from the Emerald Isle. Here are a few reminders why Ireland is so damn amazing:


Irish fans demonstrate the best sportsmanship and even got a medal for it in 2016.


The Irish jig scene, is hands down the only reason to watch James Cameron’s Titanic.


Enya is the queen of new age and your mom loves her. 

Because Enya’s new-age relaxing music prevented many 90’s moms from having meltdowns  and inspired Peter Jackson’s amazing Lord Of The Rings trilogy. Enya is also one of the only platinum selling artists to get away with not performing concerts and still make gazillions from her music.


The Corrs’ ‘Breathless’ helped many teens growing up in the 2000’s score.

The Corrs


I’ma let you finish, but Bono wrote the saddest love song of all time.

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, U2’s ‘With Or Without You’ is the most depressingly realistic love song ever. The feels are so real.

Because errrr hello:


Because Ireland has won the most  Eurovision Song Contests since its creation.

7 in total. Who could forget Linda Martin perform ‘Why Me’ in glitzy shoulder pads?

Ireland is a snake-free island.

… just sayin.

hiss disney

Because even if the vision of Michael Flatley’s perm is something we’d all like to scrub out of our memories with bleach, everyone loves a bit Irish music, celtic or not. Tuck into some good Irish classics.


Like what you hear? There’s more great music where that came from on Deezer




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