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Posted by | April 26, 2013 | arch-WHAT'S NEW

iosphotoToday we unveil the first stage of our iOS mobile app upgrade. By incorporating the latest smart caching features, the iOS app identifies and remembers your most-played tracks, giving you instant access to the tunes you love, regardless of network coverage.

This update means:

  • Faster streaming of your favourite tracks when connected to poor 3G or WiFi networks.
  • Extended battery life as your mobile device does not need to stream top tracks directly via a network connection.
  • Reduced data usage as top tracks are automatically stored in the mobile memory.

“If I’m out and about with my favourite song blasting through my headphones the last thing I want is for poor network coverage to interrupt my listening experience. This latest upgrade will put a stop to that for good” – Matthieu Gorvan, Head of Mobile at Deezer.

iOS has always been a popular platform for music streaming, and we’re committed to making the most out of its capabilities through innovation.

Smart caching is just the first of many enhancements to come for the iOS app. Watch this space.

Download the updated Deezer app for iOS now.  

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