Simple Minds: Thinking Clearly in HD

Posted by | March 24, 2015 | arch-MUSIC

A new remastered version of the Simple Minds classic, Sparkle in the Rain, is now available to stream in HD on Deezer Elite. To celebrate Simple Minds have made Deezer this exclusive playlist of all their own favourite tracks. Charlie Burchill has given us some insight into why some of the tracks hold a special place in their heart.

Today I Died Again

Charlie: I never heard anything like this then, and I’ve still never heard anything like it.

The American

Charlie: In some ways this is one of my favourite tracks, lots of great ideas and Jim finds the context to pull them all together.

Someone Somewhere in Summertime

Charlie: Jim would record us jamming on a ghetto blaster for hours. He plucked out a guitar melody which became the intro to the song and the rest flowed from there.

Promised You a Miracle

Charlie: Our first real hit and this give us a sense we were on our way.


Charlie: This is our Glasgow anthem. I still think it’s so original and recorded so well.

Speed Your Love To Me

Charlie: We made many great memories recording this and it had the wonderful Kirsty MacColl singing backing vocals on it.

Mandela Day

Charlie: We wrote this in an afternoon, it had it’s origins in an earlier song, and we were privileged to be able to write and perform it at the FREE NELSON MANDELA WEMBLEY show. We’re really proud to have a song about the great man.

Big Music

Charlie: This track had been around for a long time but we couldn’t really make it work. After re-visiting it we went loud and proud on it with it becoming the album title track.

Click below to listen to the full playlist now!

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