So You’ve Given Yours Here’s Ours: The Deezer Team’s New Years Music Resolutions

Ahhhh New Year’s resolutions… They’re a bit like Marmite, either you love making them or you hate them and carry on defiantly stuffing your face with chocolate.
But when you’ve had a pretty sh*t year (believe us 2015 in Paris hasn’t been a shimmery, sparkly with unicorns pooping rainbows type of year) making resolutions is a way of proving that you are ready to embrace the new and improved you. It’s a time of new hope and promises. Then when you get to about March you will be forced to accept the fact that you’ve failed miserably at keeping them and quite possibly hate yourself. But savoring that short moment of good will and anticipation is worth that unavoidable looming cloud of pain and failure.
So here at the Deezer offices we’ve decided to compile a ‘best of’ our own New Year’s music resolutions, with some great ideas from your favorite editors and the people behind the scenes, who make sure your ears always get the love they deserve.


Thomas C – CRM specialist

Learn how to play that goddamn track ‘Angeles’ by Elliott Smith



Max H – Social Media Manager

In addition to improving my shadow puppets and finger whistling skills, I need to seriously work on my white male average joe dance moves. Teach me how to Dougie, Shmoney, Nae Nae, Shimmy and Shuffle dance. Drake will be no match for my hotline bling.





Camille P- Head Copywriter

Discover bands before Gilles S does and create the first lipsync battle tournament at work.


Juliette LD- Junior Copywriter

Learn more about the genres my French brain can’t get around: Breakbeat, Acid-House, Livetronica, Psytrance, Trip-Hop and Nerdcore.





Vincent S- King of the South aka product manager

Learn the lyrics to my favorite US rap songs because quite honestly I sound like Chewbacca having a seizure when I sing along, no thug life credibilty whatsoever.


Keyvan – Product Manager

Improve my knowledge of classical music. It’s not about listening to more but listening to better quality stuff: Differentiate the good interpretations from the bad; know everything about the major works and who is playing them. Basically give classical music the tender loving care it deserves.





Laetitia B- Product Manager

In 2016 I have decided to break free from the shackles of shame and publish my ‘Bad Party’ playlist. I know deep in my heart it will make the world better place. AND I have decided to use the lyrics feature to know every Queen B song by heart.. you hear me BY HEART.




Quentin- CRM specialist

Spy on my colleagues’ profiles to find out what they’re listening to…. and add it to my own library LIKE A BOSS. Being music lovers they know way more music than I do. I get all my music from films and TV shows.




Carl- Lead Software Engineer

Work on my lullabies for my forthcoming little girl, my sleep is counting on it!


Pauline- Budding Program Manager

Stop rehearsing my Demi Lovato karaoke routine at 1.30am (my neighbours don’t seem to like it as much as I do), stop seeing the same band live 20 times a year, stop falling for every single guitar player I meet (I’m not 15 anymore for God’s sake). Actually for me, stop is the new go.





Anne-Sophie Copywriter

Listen to the WHOLE Beatles discography. That way when someone asks me, “Surely you know every Beatles song?”, I will no longer be lying out of my front teeth when I say, “yes of course I do, I’m half English”.


Anne So 2



Sarah H- Project Manager, Marketing UK & Ireland

Less couch potato.. MORE GIGS!





Rachel C- Editor France

Discover tomorrow’s hottest tracks and the ones the day after tomorrow and so forth. Continue to make sure you meet your favorite artists on special events. OH I almost forgot, I have to stop singing out loud in the open space.


Mehdi H – Project Manager

Less mainstream, more hidden gems. Stop mumbling along to songs when I don’t know the lyrics. Learn more about French singer Michel Delpech.


Renaud- Heavy-rock edito

Invite the best new Heavy-Rock bands to the office. Get AC/DC to come round to Deezer for tea. Get hold of the Metallica catalog (one day) and persuade them to do a Deezer Session like Ghost.


Gilles S- Editor France

France is home to many talented artists that deserve gain international recognition. I want the taco masters, the meditating monks in Nepal, the rebel bikers on Road 66, and colorfully clad Brazilians to discover French music and our cultural heritage.


Mahaut B- Product Marketing Coordinator

Use the lyrics feature and learn BY HEART all the songs from Rachel’s playlist ‘RnB: Back in the 90s/00s’. I also need to make my profile presentable and hide all of my guilty pleasures.


Maxime N- CRM Specialist

I intend to keep on listening to weird music. In fact I aim to listen to even more of it, so that colleagues such as Thomas C, can continue to mock me… They know nothing poor souls.






Alexandre C- VP Product

My mission? To make the world dance… duhhhhh!





Jocelyn B – VP Office Entertainment (and Product Manager when I’m not hugging you breathless)

Stop listening to Trap music; it’s a drug and the habit is out of control.


Vincent E. – Head Of Product Design

Improve my knowledge on music from the French West Indies: Zouk, Goka, Biguine, Bélé, Mazurka and Kompa.


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