Song Addiction is Sweeping The World

A dangerous epidemic is gripping music fans from Buenos Aires to Berlin and the afflicted are helpless in it’s grip. Sufferers complain of a desperate need and uncontrollable urge to binge on their favorite track. Some may deny it, friends, but Song Addiction is a real thing. This dread disease can be recognized by an impulse to use the Deezer “REPEAT” button to bump a favorite track again and again and again.

Discover your Song Addiction here!

Are you a Song Addict? The craving can take any number of forms. You could be stuck on “Pillowtalk” or imprisoned by the catchy choruses of “Lean On.” Rihanna might plague you with “Work,” Drake with “Hotline Bling.” You could be a fiend for Future, Bieber or Posner. If you are tormented in this way, please know that you are not alone.

The first step to recovery from Song Addiction is to admit you are powerless over great music. There’s no shame in it. Deezer understands. Fortunately, we developed a simple diagnostic tool that allows you, music lover, to identify the songs that hold you in their grasp. Simply click the link below to discover your Song Addiction.

What’s Your Song Addiction? Find out here!

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