Songs That Will Make You Feel Young At Heart (Whatever Your Mileage)

Posted by clement | March 23, 2016 | arch-MUSIC

Although growing up seems like a grim prospect today, with economic instability, rising house prices and unemployment, generation Y are still frowned upon by their peers for hanging onto their childhood quirks to escape reality.

On the other hand, age is just a number and while those haters continue to tut tut tut at our empty bank accounts and snigger at our Peter Pan syndrome, our ‘young hearts run free’.

And let’s face it, everyone even the most dismal office clerk, grandpa and politician has a childhood habit, something that makes them feel young and alive inside.

Take us folks at Deezer HQ for instance, most of us are in our early thirties; we pay our taxes, we hoover our flat once a week (or at least we try) and buy organic carrots to feel like we’ve got our lives under control. But most of us also have a childhood ‘thing’, an immature habit we wouldn’t part with, not for all the tea in China.

Here are a few:

Max H —  I always skip over the white lines at a zebra crossing.

Camille — I love to break the ice over puddles when it’s cold.




Max T— I still draw on windows when there is condensation.

Keyvan— Bubble wrap: it’s my drug, I’ll can pop bubble for hours.




Romain — I still prank call my friends… They hate it, I love it and it just never grows old.

Thomas — I still doodle moustaches on my parents’ TV guide.

Kevin — My mum still hides Kinder Eggs for me at Easter.

Anne-So — I still imagine I’m a (31 year old) mermaid in the swimming pool.




Ewelina — I love building sandcastles whenever I’m on the beach.



Sarah — I still make eyelash wishes – whenever one of my eyelashes fall out, I blow it off my fingertip and make a wish.

Last but not least here is our perfect playlist for all you teenage dirtbags at heart. Spring is here, it’s time to feel like a new penny, after all ‘What’s my age again?’

Listen to the playlist:

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