Stranger Things Is Back and The Album Will Have You Wetting Your Pants

Stranger Things is without a doubt one of Netflix’s biggest successes (the show’s ratings come in second after Orange is the New Black). The hype surrounding the show hardly comes as a surprise, Stranger Things is both visually stunning and provides the viewer with a strong, emotionally-charged story enhanced by equally stunning soundtracks (the first of which we praised a while back). With the new season on the brink of airing, S U R V I V E members, Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein, have returned with a new album to support the second season’s plot. More synth-soaked than ever, their new release continues to sway between ethereal, almost sacerdotal hymns (“On The Bus”) and intimidatingly opaque numbers (“Descent Into The Rift”).

So, grab your significant other or your friends (who like to say things like “I’m kinda complex like Eleven” since being a Rachel or a Carrie is no longer kosher) and sit back for a majorly cognitive spook-out session.

Composers Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein have put together this 80s themed Halloween playlist exclusively for us. Unleash your inner ghoul below!

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