Do you suffer from musical paralysis?

Posted by | June 11, 2018 | arch-Uncategorized
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Are you frozen in time with your music? Fixated on listening to songs from the last decade? Musically uninspired?

You’re not alone. We asked 5,000 people in France, the UK, Germany, USA and Brazil how often you listened to new music and over 65% of you told us that you only listen to tracks you already know, with 60% wanting to expand their musical repertoire.

This musical paralysis seems to hit right around your 28th birthday, and the usual culprits are a being too busy and feeling overwhelmed by the amount of choice available. 

Want to break out of your rut? Take our quiz below, then head to to discover Flow – a careful blend of new discoveries mixed in with old favourites, based entirely on your music taste. Or try out our New Music Mixtape playlist – your one-stop-shop for the best releases from the past month!

Find out if you’re suffering from ‘musical paralysis’ in our new quiz:



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