Summer Festivals – The 11 Craziest Looks We’ve Seen

Posted by izilda | August 10, 2016 | arch-MUSIC

Everyone loves a good summer music festival. You get to party with thousands of people in cities, deserts, fields and even mud. The beer flows freely and your favorite artists perform on stage. Summer festivals are also the perfect occasion to let your inner free spirit roam free, which often leads to some questionable fashion choices.

From Hellfest Festival and Les Eurockéennes to The Weather Festival and Les Vieilles Charrues, we ran into some rather ahem… interesting outfits.

Among the ugly capes, plastic floral crowns, wigs, and filthy bodysuits we have selected the 11 craziest looks encountered in festiland.

1. The Milky Way man


2. It’s Crocodile Dundee Donkey


3. Wearing their Sunday best


4. Winnie’s completely baked


5. This guy knows what’s up


6. Goku from Dragon Ball Z taking time out  


7. This father and his mini me.


8. Itza me Mario!


9. This unicorn


10. A grown up baby…


11.  The Festi squad: the shark, the banana guy, the crocodile and their human (and most likely sober) friends.


Whether it’s a rock, metal, pop, electro or hip-hop, we want to see your crazy festival look.

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