deezer app

With a little help from the Deezer playlist editing screen

We all know how hard it is to begin anything, whether it's the first day of a diet, the first...

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10 years 10 songs Deezer Annieversary
10 years, 10 songs. Happy Birthday Deezer!

Deezer is ten years old today. From a project in the bedroom of a French computer whizz to one of...

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Deezer Google Home
Ok Google, play my Flow

Google Home, Google’s smart PA trapped inside a speaker, has just added Deezer to its list. With Google Home and...

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Deezer new Queue feature
5 songs to save your house party from with the new Queue List

Nobody likes a speaker hog. That guy who insists on playing two hours of experimental Japanese jazz at a house...

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Deezer Car Devices
Luckily Deezer Has Your Back For These Summer’s Long Car Rides

Summertime has finally arrived which means sea, sun, cocktails, well-deserved rest... and stressful car rides. Unlike road trips movies with...

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Tune into Deezer’s Brand New Intelligent TV App for Your Daily Dose of Music Today TVs are the most common home appliances with 99%* of US households owning at least one screen. Since...

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Deezer Is Changing The Face Of Music Curation

Remember the days when it took hours, weeks, if not months to find that one amazing song? (In fact looking...

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deezer windows app
Deezer Launches Its New Beta App for Windows 10

Philanthropist and technology mogul Bill Gates can sleep soundly with Microsoft’s Windows 10 now running on over 200 million devices...

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