Dare To Discover featuring André Atangana
#DareToDiscover: André Atangana in his own words

André Atangana is a French dancer, choreographer, photographer and director and recently featured in our third ‘Dare To Discover’ episode....

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Michael Bublé What's Your Flow
VIDEO What’s Your Flow: Why Michael Bublé Is Good For Jazz

Last October, Deezer had the pleasure of sitting down with Michael Bublé to talk music. The interview was filmed shortly...

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Deezer’s Made The Coziest Most-Velvety Jazz Playlist For Your Autumn Weekends

Runny noses, dry skin, cracked lips and itchy jumpers are back. Yes, autumn’s here folks, it’s time to disown those...

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6 Playlists You Definitely Need For An Awesome Summer

The sun ain’t shining and the weather definitely ain’t sweet at the moment in Paris or England. But hey what...

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Five Fun Facts About Jazz – Silver Screen Edition

Because of the energy of the music and the atmosphere of a club, the scene with the hip (and rather...

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