What is Hyperpop? Demystifying the Eclectic Genre

In the ever-evolving landscape of music, new genres emerge, captivating audiences and pushing boundaries. Today, we will cover the birth...

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Hyperpop Revolution: Artists Leading the Scene 

What is so hyper about hyperpop? We're glad you asked. This highly experimental pop genre is on our radar thanks...

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Alicia Keys
#InTheSpotlight: 17 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Alicia Keys

With her new album HERE, political activism and decision to go makeup free, Alicia Keys  was one of 2016’s most prominent artists. Today the R&B/Soul singer...

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Why Dont We Deezer Q&A
10 things we learned about pop band Why Don’t We during our Twitter Q&A

Last week, we had the pleasure to meet Why Don’t We. The US boy band that is taking the music...

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Flow My City
Ever wondered if your city had some weird music tastes? Find out with @FlowMyCity

A while back Vice published a piece about a new community of cowboy metalheads in Botswana. Metal music in the...

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A Day in The Life of Romain, Rap Music Editor

“When it comes to finding the best music or putting together the perfect playlist which flows naturally, there are some...

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6 Playlists You Definitely Need For An Awesome Summer

The sun ain’t shining and the weather definitely ain’t sweet at the moment in Paris or England. But hey what...

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Pitch Perfect: Footballers Who Tackled The Music Industry

Sometimes you score and sometimes you can be a little off-pitch. This what some of Europe’s footballers learnt when they...

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What Does The World’s Perfect Popstar Look Like? Find Out!

Picture: hitsync.net Who ever said looks mattered? Well according to social media quite a lot of you actually. To be the...

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