Tearing Christmas 2014 to shreds

Posted by | December 18, 2014 | arch-WHAT'S NEW

Here at Deezer we love singing our hearts out almost as much as we love music, as it’s just in our nature. So, to celebrate the launch of our new lyrics feature (this is where you can see the words  and sing along to your favourite songs), we’ve compiled our favourite music shreds of the year. Oh yes.

Let’s start with a shred of the brilliant Ed Sheeran. This was actually filmed at our HQ in Paris for one of our Deezer Sessions and we can assure you the original is amazing. But after being shredded it is laugh out loud funny. Ed even tweeted about it himself, saying they were in fact really hungover when they did it… we like a fellow who can take a joke. Take a look…

Now for the ladies’ favourite – the Backstreet Boys. OK, so maybe we’ve moved on from enjoying boy bands who rise up from their chairs on a key change (cough, sure), but trust us, you won’t be able to stop watching this. We’re especially loving Howard’s high-pitched transformation. LOL.

This Jessie J shred could quite easily be our favourite. We think the fact our beloved Jessie puts her all into every performance makes this shred particularly great (it’s all about her facial expressions). I challenge you to try and sing along to this normally next time you hear it. Be warned – more LOLs below.

The shred below needs no introduction… Wait, what? This isn’t a shred?


Sam Smith makes our chart much like he’s graced every single other chart this year. However, this shred gets our vote due to the extreme effort that has been taken to make the instrumentals and the choir sound particularly bad. Go to 1 min 40… Haha!

And finally, it wouldn’t be Christmas unless we gave something back now, would it? So here’s a shred we’ve made of one our favourite Christmas videos. Think your boss at the Christmas party singing karaoke over a classic very, very badly. Ho ho ho.


Are you a lyrical genius? Whatever your level, check out Lyrics by pressing the microphone button next to the track you’re about to play and have a go yourself! However, please remember where you are when using Lyrics or you could end up like this guy…


As you can imagine it will take us a while to add 35 million tracks worth of Lyrics, but each week we will continue to add more and more. Lyrics is currently only available on web and Android – but iOS is coming, so hold tight. 

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