The 10 Best Euro and World Cup Anthems

Posted by Anne-Sophie | June 23, 2016 | arch-MUSIC

To celebrate the UEFA Euro 2016 in France, we’ve made a list of the 10 best Euro and World Cup Anthems EVER. Turns out, most anthems have a sexy southern charm.

1- La copa de la vida (The cup of life) – Ricky Martin


Having topped the worldwide charts for weeks and having entered the Billboard Hot 100 in 1998, it’s safe to say that this was one of the most successful World Cup Anthems in anthem history. Yes, Ricky Martin already had a music career before he was livin’ la vida loca (released 1999).

2- World Cup 2010 South-Africa: Waka Waka (this time for Africa)Shakira

Although many South-Africans were disappointed that FIFA chose an international popstar over a native artist, this cheerful song even got hard-core male football fans to shake their booty! Or maybe it was  the video clip that got the fans going as it features various footballers like Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi.

3- World Cup 2010 South-Africa: Wavin’ Flag K’naan


Although the song wasn’t selected  as the official World Cup 2010 Anthem, Coca-Cola decided to bombard the song as their own promotional anthem. Smart move as the hit made it into the top ten in over twenty different charts worldwide!

4- Euro Cup 2004 Portugal: ForçaNelly Furtado


It may not have been your first pick, but it will revive your 2004 summer memories! Nelly wrote this song while touring in Portugal. People nicknamed her “força”, which means “Keep going” or “Kick ass”.

5- Euro Cup 2008 Austria-Switzerland: Can you hear meEnrique Iglesias

Enrique went all electro pop on us in the bid to get us pumped for the Euro Cup of 2008. Although critics did not take to the song, UEFA believed Enrique was the perfect candidate because he “is an international star who is passionate about football and who has European roots”.

6- World Cup 2014 Brazil: Dar Um Jeito (We will find a way)Carlos Santana ft. Wyclef


Sadly enough, Brazil did not ‘find a way’ and bit the dust against the Germans.

7- World Cup 2014 Brazil: We are onePitbull ft. Jennifer Lopez

Here we go again, throw some sexy Spanglish lines together to create yet another exotic chart topper (Pitbull’s speciality by the way): “Jenny, dale!”.  Apparently Jenny didn’t dale it enough, because the Brazilians thought the song lacked a Brazilian feeling.

8- World Cup 1990 Italy: Un’estate ItalianaGianna Nannini & Edoardo Bennato


Oh boy, were they melancholic in those days… Or maybe it’s just the Italians.

9- Euro Cup 2000 Netherlands-Belgium: CampioneE-type


This one takes you right back to the 90’s, dance dance dance!

10- 1998 Worldcup- Three LionsThe Lightening Seeds & Frank Skinner

Let’s take a break from  Latino anthems with Britain’s greatest football anthem of all time, ‘Football’s Coming Home’. The song was released in 1996 as a single by the Brit pop band, The Lightning Seeds and singer Frank Skinner to celebrate England’s participation and defeat in the European Championships. Two years later the single soared during the World Cup and became one of the biggest anthems of all time. The lyrics, unlike most football songs  told of how the team’s repeated failures have never stopped fans from believing that England could win again one day.

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