The Guys From Our Team Are Here To Support International Women’s Day!

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International Women’s Day is the day we celebrate the social, cultural and political achievement of women. It’s a day for celebrating our mothers, wives, daughters and sisters who make the world a better place.

But let’s also be aware that Women’s day is not just about celebrating progress once a year. Women’s day is also a reminder of the daily struggles and the injustices women face throughout the world. Let us not forget the women who are treated as second-class citizens and deprived of their most basic human rights, the victims of domestic abuse and human trafficking. Women still earn less than men and have a restricted access to education and medical aid in many countries. More than ever there is an urgent need to move forward with gender equality.

So please, visit and participate in #PledgeForParity

The gentlemen of the Editorial Team would like to celebrate Women’s day and show their own support with music. Here are x playlists for every taste to remind everyone of the contribution women have made (and make) to the music world.




HIP HOP Ladies First:

“Old school meets new school. These women have helped push the Hip Hop culture forward in many ways.” – Darrick –


Arch Enemy


METAL Kickass Women In Metal:

“Women play an essential role in the world of metal and with this playlist we honour the female voices that make this genre so unique. From Arch Enemy to Lacuna Coil, explore and bang your head to these incredibly ladies.” – Freek –





“By kicking asses in their respective game, movie, TV show or anime, or by providing wit and wisdom to the impetuous hero(es), these women have been an inspiration to some of the best composers in the world.” – Jérome –





“Listen to great Blues singers throughout history, from icons like Memphis Minnie to today’s powerhouses that keep the flame burning, like Beth Hart and Candye Kane.” – Rick –





“Though these female folkies span over several decades the common theme is their remarkable voices. These songs are beautiful, poetic gifts to anyone who hears them.”  – Nate –

 Patti Smith



“This playlist celebrates some of the women who have changed the way the alternative music landscape looks (or sounds) today.” – Sam –





“It’s a fact classical music’s greatest masterpieces wouldn’t exist without women; Clara Schumann and Fanny Mendelssohn (to name but a few) are some of the virtuosos who have made a wonderful contribution to the genre. So let’s not forget the muses, the composers and the brilliant performers such as Maria Callas who have blessed us with their stunning voices  and exalted our human emotions.” – Yannick –





“From iconic Jazz singers like Billie Holiday to today’s great vocalists like Lizz Wright and Cecile McLorin Salvant, the art of Jazz singing is alive and well.” – Rick –


Women in Jazz have not only been in front of the mic – the history of the music is rife with amazing instrumentalists as well.  Here are some of the greatest women Jazz musicians you will ever hear.” – Rick – 

And Ewelina our awesome Cinema Editor, who may not technically be a gentleman but is the most kickass movie editor… ever!





“Unforgettable badass women in movies which you surely remember because it’s simply impossible to ignore them. ‘Kill Bill’ wouldn’t exist without The Bride, just like Neo from ‘Matrix’ wouldn’t be the same without Trinity. There are so many memorable roles like Thelma & Louise, Sarah Connor from Terminator or Ellen Ripley from Alien, just press play! ” – Ewelina –


Don’t hesitate to send us yours with a theme, it’s an important day to celebrate!

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