The Rockabilly Phoenix: Will Chuck Berry’s Death Revive Rockabilly?

Posted by | March 21, 2017 | arch-MUSIC
Chuck Berry Rock'n'Roll legend

Chuck Berry was undoubtedly the godfather of rock’n’roll. With a career that spanned over 6 decades and still wasn’t done, announcing a new album on his 90th birthday, Berry inspired artists like The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and Aerosmith. And now it seems that, even in his passing, he’s inspiring a new wave of interest in rockabilly music from the mainstream.

Chuck Berry

Introducing new fans to rockabilly

On Sunday March 19, after news of his death broke around the world, streams of his music skyrocketed by 3054% in a single day. And people liked what they heard: 3315% more people added Berry as a favorite artist on Sunday alone.

But his influence hasn’t stopped there. Since Sunday morning, people have been discovering artists like Little Richard, Bill Haley, Eddie Cochran, Jerry Lee Lewis, Fats Domino and Carl Perkins to the tune of over 23,000 streams. Whether the trend continues and rockabilly is able to break out of its subculture and into the mainstream remains to be seen, but for now it’s having its day in the sun.

New to Chuck Berry’s music?

You’ve probably heard more of it than you realize. But if you want to check out the best of over 60 years behind the guitar, we’ve got the perfect playlist to celebrate the legend:

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