Time To Face Our Daddy Issues With Star Wars

Posted by hwright | May 4, 2016 | arch-MUSIC


Last Christmas The Force Awakens brought in over $529 million at the global box office. It would seem that even after all these years people still connect on a very personal level to the Saga’s perfect recipe of life, love, space, goodies, baddies… and daddy issues.

Whether it’s about strained relationships, absent dads, screwed up sons, overbearing fathers or bullying patriarchs, Star Wars knows where and how to press on our Oedipal wounds. Yes, Lucas is no less than a pro when it comes to highlighting the parental failures (big or small) that haunt the dark corners of our minds.

The force of daddy damage seems to have taken its toll on Luke.

Credit : DavidUngerMusic

The infamous four words “I am your father” contain in one sentence the entire sentiment of abandonment felt by kids whose dads fled from the coop without looking back. If Freud had been around he would most likely have written a book on Luke’s fascination for his sister, bought all the fan merchandise and owned his very own remote controlled BB-8.

And if you thought Lucas left Oedipus behind in the 80s, think again. J.J. Abrams pretty much made the subconscious fantasy of killing one’s father the main focal point of the film. In fact Kylo Ren literally embodies it when he skewers his father like a chiche-kebab and lobs him into a pit of nothingness. 

Same goes for Game Of Thrones, the more sons kill their daddies, the bigger the audience. Talk about cashing in on our deepest fears… but that’s another story and another spoil to be made.

So because all this tough love in space is a getting a bit much to handle we’ve made a playlist dedicated to all the good, bad and mediocre dads of Star Wars.

Listen to the playlist: http://www.deezer.com/playlist/1789817102

Happy 4th of May Darth and Han!

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