VIDEO What’s Your Flow: Why Michael Bublé Is Good For Jazz

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Michael Bublé What's Your Flow

Last October, Deezer had the pleasure of sitting down with Michael Bublé to talk music. The interview was filmed shortly before he abruptly interrupted his promo tour to take care of his son who, it has since been reported, is on the road to recovery. We’d like to take this opportunity to wish little Noah and the whole family all the best.

To mark the beginning of Jazz Appreciation Month, we decided to release our interview with the man behind the Jazz revival.

Some of you may be guffawing behind your screens, and that’s ok. It’s hard not to smile at some of the comments on his videos describing Bublé as a “rare species that only comes out of his cave at Christmas” and it’s true that Bublé is a favorite with the moms, especially during the festive season. But so what? What if he is the king of Christmas albums? Bublé likes good feelings and we love him all the more for it.

The multi-Grammy Award-winning, multi-platinum Canadian is proof that, if done right, jazz is timeless. Bublé’s talent lies in is his ability to introduce jazz to a mainstream audience (we’ve all heard someone wrongly describe jazz as “elitist”). And why shouldn’t he? Everyone deserves to love jazz, whether you prefer the easy listening stuff, or complicated scat singing. In Bublé’s world there is no room for cynicism, besides a little romance never hurt anyone:

“The world is a scary place. People need a tent in the rain. I’m here to take you away for a few hours, entertain you, allow you to escape, to know there can be hope and that romance is still alive and well”

In an era where provocation has become so mainstream and marketed it’s almost too cringe-worthy to watch (remember that Pepsi ad?), Bublé is a great reminder that sometimes keeping it simple and going in the opposite direction is a breath of fresh air.
His latest album Nobody But Me includes reinventions of classics such as “My Baby Just Cares For Me” and a haunting rendition of Brian Wilson’s “God Only Knows”.

So sit back and watch Bublé take you through his favorite songs, impersonate his wife and basically entertain you. After all it’s what he does best.

Happy Jazz Day Michael Bublé!

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Michael Buble, you certInly have put your best foot forward.

I must say you make me smile and feel good about myself every time I watch you talk or especially when I hear to sing. I sometimes drive my kids crazy with how much I listen to your CD’s. Don’t ever stop. On another note I’m so happy for you and your family on the recovery of your son. Life is good. Thank you.

Love MB!!! ????❤️ Happy Jazz Day!!
Feel good music anytime!! Love his sense of humor as well. Great family man, glad Noah is doing well.

Another wonderful interview always say and do the right thing.

This bloke is the best gorgeous sexy lovely smile xx

Michael think you are a lovely guy who seems to remember his fans. Have been to see him twice in the uk and have so enjoyed the concerts. So pleased that your son is doing well. Stay as nice as you are and remain with your feet on the ground and remember how important your family are. Hope to see you when you return to the uk. Love and best wishes kind regards pat and family xxxx

So happy your out of that dark place. So so happy Noah is doing great. Nothing better then that. Love all the new music
God Bless all your family.

PS. Love the notebook and don’t feel guilty

Michael knows his music, that’s one thing he knows a lot about and of course he can sing he was brought up with jazz, it was his passion and he followed it through and wow can he swing jazz I could listen to Michael singing jazz all night he has his own style and of course the voice, it’s in a league of its own happy jazz day Michael don’t ever give it up you are one of a kind, can’t wait to see you sing it live again soon luv you ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Michael knows his jazz, that’s one thing he has 110% of he was brought up on jazz from he was a small boy it’s all he listened to and he sure can sing that’s why he is the crooner from Vancouver. It has always been his passion and wow can he swing jazz, I hope he never gives his jazz side up as he is one of a kind can’t wait to see you sing jazz live again, you are my kind guy. Don’t ever forget the blue notes club, I don’t think you would, you sure have the flow. Lynn ????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Michael Bublé is awesome! Great Voice!

Nice to see you Michael after your upset, but things are looking up for you now be glad to see you getting back singing amd on Facebook lots love to you Lu Noah Elias xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

What an amazing spirit inside that guy!

He’s not just grt at Christmas it’s all through the year he’s a grt guy fantastic and very sexy xxxxxxx

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