We Hooked Up With LP For a ‘Deezer One-Shot’ Performance

Watch LP perform ‘Lost on You’, from her new EP Death Valley, in our first ever Deezer One-Shot. If you hadn’t guessed from the name, we recorded the whole song in a single continuous shot. If that doesn’t give you an idea of her raw talent, nothing will.

Laura Pergolizzi who goes by the stage name of LP needs to heard to be believed live in order to capture the sheer power of her voice. (She used to sing over a vacuum cleaner as a child because the strength of her voice made her shy). The American pop-rock singer’s androgynous sense of style often sees her compared to Bob Dylan: the locks, the shades, the guitar and the three piece suits that put Barney Stinson to shame. Aside from giving new meaning to the words ‘suit up!’, LP is also famous for her magnetic, yet effortless, stage presence. Her charisma blended with her heart-wrenching songs have created music label bidding wars and her way with words has seen her write for high profile divas like Rihanna and Christina Aguilera.

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