What’s Your Flow Tove Lo?

Posted by | October 18, 2016 | arch-MUSIC

Have you ever spent (way too much) time wondering what your favorite artist listens to, or wanted to listen to the music that inspires them? We know we have. Wouldn’t it be nice to hang   out on a couch with them for a few hours and talk about music and life? Unfortunately, chances are they’d be whisked off in their tour van before you’ve even had a chance to say ‘hello’ and ‘please sign my album, I love you’.

So we’ve created “What’s Your Flow”, the interview which fills you in on what your favorite artists are loving and loathing, which jam gets them through the day, which albums makes them cry or cringe and which songs get them into the right flow.

The first artist in the spotlight is Tove Lo. Our favorite Swedish singer-songwriter is back with her new album ‘Lady Wood’ (out on October 28th), just two years after her award-winning hit album ‘Queen Of The Clouds’.

Famous for her raw and rather dark take on pop music, Tove Lo has been named the “saddest girl in Sweden” by several media sources. Although her albums may be melancholy, and even heartbreaking, Tove Lo is grounded with her head firmly on her shoulders and her eyes on the ball to pursue a career that’s nothing short of spectacular. From an opening act for Katy Perry’s world tour in 2014, she’s collaborated with the likes of Coldplay, Nick Jonas, Hilary Duff and Ellie Goulding to build a loyaler-than-loyal fan base.

So, yes, we love Tove Lo, but what does Tove Lo love? What gets this ‘Cool Girl’ out of bed in the morning, which song gives her the feels and what are her guilty pleasures? Does she like the same music as us? That would be cool…



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