Who says record stores are dead?

Posted by Chia | January 13, 2021 | HOME, Music, New

You know what I miss? Record stores. Nowhere else in the world is there a place where you can physically find albums and artists you may not have ever heard of, wear a ridiculous oversized headphone band across your head, and actually listen to a whole entire mind-melting album without anyone telling you to go away. Record stores always made it perfectly legit to just… sample around before you actually buy anything. I may or may not have always bought something.

Plus the equipment was always great, do you remember? (Or maybe you don’t even remember record stores, in which case: get off my lawn.) The bass always hit a little different in record stores — or maybe it was just that the good ones always had the good quality stuff.

Maybe I date myself.

Streaming services have made it much easier to sample tracks and albums before committing to anything — you don’t even have to buy an album anymore. But when we talk about that insistent thrum of the bass that you feel deep in the pit of your stomach? Some streamers are better than others.

Deezer has always had HiFi: a way to stream tracks in their native FLAC format, the digital version of vinyl. No need to be hipsterrific to get why this matters. If you want music to sound like you were right there when recording was happening, FLAC is the way to go. It’s a lot more portable than playing something on a tabletop, too.

Now though, you can also have that record store experience. Deezer’s editors, all combined having spent decades in the music industry, have gotten together and curated the best of the best albums, in the newly-released HiFi Room, for your own personal listening pleasure. In the HiFi Room, you can browse music by the decade, according to genre, and find surprise reissues. If you’re lucky, you’ll even find a playlist in there, tracks all in FLAC, to suit some mood that will have you transported somewhere else altogether. Best part of this is, the HiFi room gives you your record store wherever and whenever you want: on the road, while at work waiting for that meeting to start, in your PJs tucked in at home.

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